The Road to the Olympics

Career Highlights:

2008: Inducted into Olympic Hall of Fame

1996: Gold Team Medal in XXVI Olympiad (Atlanta)

1996: Wins All-Around Competition, McDonald's American Cup

1992: Bronze Team Medal in XXV Olympiad (Barcelona)



International Competition

  • 1996, Olympic Games, Atlanta, GA 1st- team (was unable to compete in the all-around competition and the vault and floor event finals due to injury.)
  • 1996, McDonald's International Gymnastics Championships, Atlanta, GA; 4th
  • 1996, McDonald's American Cup, Ft. Worth, TX; 1st-All Around, T2nd-Vault & Uneven Bars, 1st-Balance Beam & Floor Exercise
  • 1995, World Championships, Sabae, Japan; 7th-All Around, 3rd-Team
  • 1994, Team World Championships, Dortmund, Germany; 2nd-Team
  • 1993, DTB Pokal, Stuttgart, Germany; 7th-Uneven Bars (semi-finals)
  • 1993, Arthur Gander Memorial, Montreux, Switzerland; 4th-All Around
  • 1993, Swiss Cup, St. Gallen, Switzerland; 10th-All Around
  • 1993, Hilton Challenge, Los Angeles, CA; 1st-Team, 7th- All Around
  • 1993, World Championships, Birmingham, Great Britain; 5th-All Around (Competition I) & Vault, 6th-Floor Exercise
  • 1993, Reebok International Mixed Pairs, Atlanta, GA; 2nd-All Around
  • 1993, McDonald's American Cup, Orlando, FL; 2nd-All Around, 1st-Beam
  • 1992, Olympic Games, Barcelona, Spain; 3rd-Team, 14th-All Around
  • 1992, World Gymnastics Championships, Paris, France; 5th-Vault, 7th-Uneven Bars, 10th-Floor Exercise (semi-finals)
  • 1992, McDonald's International Mixed Pairs, Tallahassee, FL; T12th-All Around
  • 1992, McDonald's American Cup, Orlando, FL; 3rd-All Around (preliminaries)
  • 1991, World Gymnastic Championships, Indianapolis, IN; 15th-All Around (Competition I), 2nd Team
  • 1991, USA vs. Romania, Houston, TX; 8th-All Around, T1st-Vault
  • 1991, McDonald's American Cup, Orland, FL; 6th-All Around (preliminaries)
  • 1990, Dutch Open, Den Haag, Netherlands; 3rd-All Around, 2nd-Uneven Bars & Balance Beam, 3rd-Floor Exercise, 5th-Vault
  • 1990, Junior Pan American Games, Tallahassee, FL; 1st-Team, All Around, Uneven Bars & Balance Beam, 2nd-Floor Exercise, 5th-Vault
  • 1989, Junior Pacific Alliance, Indianapolis, IN; 1st-Team, 3rd-All Around

National Competition

  • 1996, U.S. Olympic Trials-Gymnastics; 2nd-All Around
  • 1996, Coca-Cola National Championships, Knoxville, TN; 5th-All Around, 2nd-Vault, 2nd-Floor Exercise
  • 1995, World Team Trials, Austin, TX; 4th-All Around
  • 1995, Coca-Cola National Championships, New Orleans, LA; 5th-All Around, 3rd-Uneven Bars, 4th-Floor Exercise
  • 1995, U.S. Olympic Festival, Boulder, CO; 1st-All Around & Uneven Bars, T3rd-Balance Beam
  • 1994, Nations Bank World Team Trials, Richmond, VA; 2nd-All Around
  • 1994, U.S. Classic, Palm Springs, CA; injured- did not compete
  • 1993, Coca-Cola National Championships, Salt Lake City, UT; 3rd-All Around & Floor Exercise, 2nd-Uneven Bars, 4th-Vault
  • 1993, U.S. Olympic Festival, San Antonio, TX; 2nd-All Around, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise, 1st-Uneven Bars
  • 1993, American Classic/World Championships Trials, Murray, UT; 1st-All Around, Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise, T3rd-Vault
  • 1992, U.S. Olympic Trials, Baltimore, MD; 3rd-All Around
  • 1992, U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Columbus, OH; 2nd-All Around & Floor Exercise, 1st-Vault, T1st-Balance Beam, 3rd-Unven Bars
  • 1991, World Championships Team Trials, Indianapolis, IN; 3rd-All Around
  • 1991, U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Cincinnati, OH; 3rd-All Around, 1st-Vault, T3rd-Uneven Bars, 4th-Balance Beam & Floor Exercise
  • 1990, American Classic, Tempe, AZ; 1st-All Around, Vault, Uneven Bars & Floor Exercise, 6th-Balance Beam
  • 1990, U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Denver, CO; 4th-All Around
  • 1990, Began training with Bela Karolyi
  • 1989, American Classic, Dallas, TX; 2nd-All Around, 1st-Floor Exercise, 3rd-Uneven Bars, 5th-Vault, 6th-Balance Beam
  • 1989, American Classic, Oakland, CA, 1st-All Around, Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise & Balance Beam

Thanks to all my coaches over the years...

  • Arthur Akopian
  • Kevin and Rita Brown
  • Tom and Lori Forster
  • Jim Gault
  • Jerry Hinkle
  • Bela and Martha Karolyi
  • Steve Nunno
  • Geza Pozsar